August 22, 2011

First Day of School

The day has come to go back to school! The boys were nervous and excited all at the same time! Joshua was excited to see his friends but sad that summer family fun was over. Stephen wanted to just stay home and play with Anna! But once at school both did fantastic and loved their teachers and new friends! They are growing up so fast!

Anna had to put on her backpack to take the boys to school. When we got home from taking them, she took off her backpack and wanted to get back into her pj's!


This past weekend we were finally able to get back out into the great America and camp. Well, maybe not great America, but a State Park in South Carolina! We took our new camper, after our pop-up was ruined in a storm (on Stephen's birthday!). We were able to get a bigger camper which proved to be very nice! The State Park we chose had a working farm based on how people in South Carolina would have had to have lived I believe at the turn of the century. The kids had a blast!
There was a tractor show at a local church by the campground that we were able to see Saturday morning. The kids loved the playground!
Monkey Stephen
 Hanging out waiting for Dad
 At the Living Farm
 Outside the main house at the Living Farm. Anna told us, "Farms have beds and babies!" There was one large bed in the one room log cabin and a baby bed next to it. She totally lost sight of the kitchen, stairs to the upper floor. All she saw was the bed and baby bed, good enough for her!
 Feeding the chickens (on the other side there is a sign that says please don't feed the chickens - too bad we came up from the other side!).
 Learning how to make clothes - Josh thought it would just be easier to go to the store!
 Anna disappointed it wasn't her turn again!
 Cotton Mill
 My fearless two! Ready to do it all if they could hold hands!
 One of the few times Josh smiled while on the boat! He didn't like the rocking from people moving!
Nervous Nelly!
 Out right silliness!
 They were done taking pictures! Can you tell?

Monkey Joshua (not sure why this one ended up down here!)