July 6, 2011

Summer Fun

The summer has begun and we are having a blast! We had our first family vacation this year! We went to Florida! We stayed within five minutes of the beach on the West Coast, which allowed us to see through the water! The kids loved seeing fish and dolphins! A couple of weeks later we were off to Indiana, the place I was raised.

Going back to Indiana with my family, was a relatively nostalgic venture. Introducing our children to family and friends was nice. We were able to introduce them to most of our family, a lot of friends it was definitely a whirl wind tour. We had a family reunion while in Indiana. It was great to play with cousins our children had not met and catch up with the adult cousins.

While in Indiana, we had the great honor of celebrating the engagement of Brian and Courtney. The evening before the party, Mary and I left our hotel room to meet up with friends at Uncle Bill and Aunt Rhonda's house. We played games, laughed and just hung out. I hadn't been in the same room with these people in 11 years and it was seemed as though time stood still. As though we hadn't gone our separate ways, embarking on very different journeys, becoming very different people than we had dreamed we would be. But there we were, sitting in the living room laughing, remembering old stories and in my case, receiving healing in my heart from missing my friends for so many years! What a great week we had! I cannot wait for the wedding!

But summer is not over yet and I cannot wait to see what it has in store yet for us to enjoy!

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